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Be the artist of your own scent story. 

We want the way you apply, wear and enjoy scent to be a more personal experience. So we started with you, and sought to create a range that captures the different facets of your personality.


You're not static or one dimensional - so neither are we. Our scents are created to be adaptable depending on your mood, environment or caprice! Layering our scents is the easiest way to achieve this.


Our 8 unisex scents comprise of 4 layerable matching pairs with each pair featuring contradictory but uniquely harmonious perfumes. If you choose to layer you can achieve a third or even fourth scent depending on which way round you layer them.

Below is our recommendation on which scents to layer and how. Or you may want to find your own secret combination across the range - perhaps try our discovery set to find out! 

So whilst the two opposite scents have been specially crafted to enhance and subdue different facets of the other for a unique and rich experience, don't forget they’re definitely equally wearable alone.




realist and fantasist layered bodies
Fantasist & Realist

We recommend layering Realist over Fantasist for a greener fresh scent. Or the other way around if you

like things fruity. 

infatuated and nonchalant layered bodies
Infatuated & Nonchalant

Try layering Nonchalant on top of Infatuated for a spicy berry twist. Or the other way around for a dark wood ambery finish. 


devious and sincere layered bodies
Devious & Sincere

You can try layering Devious on top of Sincere for a true 'amaretto sour' sticky cherry spice. Or swap the layers around for a softer pure almond and cream lift. 

libertine and virtuous layered bodies
Libertine & Virtuous

Why not dabble with layering Libertine over Virtuous for a more intense hit of brandy and orange. Flip the layer for a softer projection of stone and rose. 

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