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  • Holly Hutchinson

I can't wait to smell you, they whispered into the phone...

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Discover a new fragrance to accompany your 'new normal'

This last year has been a bit of a sensory desert - with sight and taste dominating (banana bread and box-sets anyone?), touch seriously lacking, sounds muffled (we can't wait to hear the laughs and shrieks of a crowd), and smell largely suppressed by the dry cold winter air and confining cotton face-masks. BUT...if there's a silver lining, it's the heightened gratefulness for each sense we have the pleasure of possessing - and the appreciation it affords us regarding the human experience.

What are you most excited about when we eventually get to test drive this 'new normal' we hear of?

We simply can't wait to take unabashed, nose charging, lung filling drags of air as we go about our day. Participating in the unexpected invitation to the opening notes of someone's signature scent as you embrace them - lingering a fraction longer than usual, basking in the sheer novelty of it all! The waft of freshly ground coffee snaking out the door and around the queuing hordes, masks off and faces upturned to the milky sun as you stand sweetly contented, simply waiting (because we're very good at that now don't you know). Hell - maybe even turning a blind nose to Susan preparing her lunch in the open-plan office kitchen (yes, even the microwaved mackerel). But especially - the long lost sensuous tang of flushed faces and warm bodies, jostling like a flock of flamingos, impatiently waiting for their turn at the bar. It's going to be a real mosh pit - some people cramming themselves tightly into every available gap, reveling in the sheer candid closeness, whilst others spread their elbows and gasp for personal space in abject horror.

We'll take it all we tell you! Bring. It. On. But we'll be sure to have our whole collection of Ilk scents on standby (our pocket-friendly 7.5mls) because it's going to be an emotional ride and we'll be keen to adapt our scent depending on our mood and environment. That and the fact that once we leave the house we're never coming back (ok that's a huge claim, we'll probably last half a BBQ lunch and be so shattered by the sheer effort that we'll need a week to recover).

But in all seriousness, when adapting to our newfound freedom (via a considerate and responsible transitionary period biene sur) - we expect to experience the whole range of emotions and moods captured in our collection; from Fantasist to Devious and right back around to Nonchalant! So if you're looking for a new scent experience why don't you check out our discovery set, individual 2mls, or confidently choose any of our travel sets or 50ml - there's plenty of information about the scent story and notes on each product page.

Find a fragrance to accompany your 'new normal' from our collection of 'anything but normal' layerable contradictory scents inspired by human nature. Cruelty-free, gender-free, and planet-friendly scents - each a beautifully composed extract de perfume designed for the ultimate in scented self-expression.


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