Inside us all is the potential for good and bad, but the heart and mind aren't always on the same side. 


Devious: Inspired by the sour edge of one’s mind, an odoriferous delve into the forbidden thoughts that whirr silently without censor.


Sincere: This scent is as sincere as a mother's love or the first burning flush of giving your heart to love another.


Each pair is harmoniously crafted so that each highlights and subdues certain qualities of the other to create a unique third or fourth scent depnding on which way round you layer. 


50ml Extrait De Parfum, 20% Oil Concentrate, cruelty free, unisex, and ecologically resopnsible. 

Devious & Sincere Travel Duo

  • Devious:

    T: Spiced Bergamot, Bitter Almond, Amaretto

    M: Cherry Liqueur, Chambord, Cyanide, Nutmeg

    B: Cardamom, Tonka, Vanilla, Sandalwood.


    T: Peach Nectar, Warm Milk, Ginger blossom

    M: Creamy Ylang Ylang, Orris, Ambrette

    B: Saffron, Amber, Coconut Musk


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