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Vice or virtue - a timeless struggle. As Thornton Wilder once said "If a man has no vices, he is in great danger of making vices about his virtues, and there’s a spectacle."


Libertine: inspired by an encounter with the notorious Casanova. Dare you be in his presence? 


Virtuous: a divine scent in the truest sense, set in a monestry in the hills of Tuscany.


Each pair is harmoniously crafted so that each highlights and subdues certain qualities of the other to create a unique third or fourth scent depending on which way round you layer. 


50ml Extrait De Parfum, 20% Oil Concentrate, cruelty free, unisex, and ecologically responsible. 

Libertine & Virtuous Travel Duo



  • Libertine:

    T: Bitter Orange, Cognac, Wax

    M: Orange Flower, Dark Rose, Cumin, Saffron

    B: Casanova Leather, Amber, Dark Woods


    T: Watery Basil, Thyme Wormwood

    M: Stone Steps, Sage, Lily, Sacred Violet

    B: Ancient incense, Oakwood, Moss, Worn Leather

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