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A scented snapshot devoid of nature; manufactured and mankind only – hard steel, smooth concrete, warm skin. Manmade materials drumming with the pulse of human experience.


Reminiscent of white noise and warm skin – both gently familiar but distinctly other. Powdery iris, gentle musk, warm skin, and chalky concrete enfold the other with delicacy. A touch of saltiness from the matcha creates the perfect counter to the sparkling ginger and kinetic cellophane. Creamy sandalwood, earthy moss, and just the gentlest whisper of mushroom and steamed rice complete this ode to the human experience, both domestic and shared. 


Have a look at Human's contradicting paired scent, Nature. Each pair is harmoniously crafted so that each highlights and subdues certain qualities of the other to create a unique third or fourth scent depending on which way round you layer. 

Human Extrait de parfum 50ml



  • 50ml Extrait De Parfum, vegan, 30% Oil Concentrate, cruelty free, unisex, and ecologically responsible.

  • Top: Steamed Rice, Chalky Concrete, Hint of Mushroom, Fresh Ginger

    Heart: Matcha Latte, Powdery Iris, cellophane

    Base: Salt, Musk, Warm Skin, Moss, Sandalwood.

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